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Hi, I'm Alice Sheng

I am a full-stack founder. I have worked with startups and large corporations and also had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who were ideating their ventures. I love solving problems, helping people and being a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I am well-versed in event marketing, website marketing, social media marketing, SEO and PPC, and marketing on e-commerce sites like eBay, WeChat Shop, and Tmall to support businesses’ growth. I enjoy using my abilities to offer trustworthy, specialised, and exclusive services.

I came from a non-IT background. Being self-taught is all about working hard on the route of my interest with never-ending patience and curiosity, especially while Google, WordPress and Github are restricted in my native country.

I take care of my project, from communication, logo design, keywords strategy, content writing, graphic design, and plugin solution to technical SEO. I will never be afraid of challenges to expand my skills. 

My Digital Marketing Journey

December 5, 2018
Social Media Marketing
My First Facebook Page is born

When I travelled outside of China for business, I discovered that all of my contacts used Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter instead of WeChat. I have these tools downloaded, and I find it interesting that Facebook has a page that is identical to WeChat's official account. I made an attempt using "Learn Chinese with Alice" page. Within three months, I had 2K followers, all of whom were authentic followers from organic traffic. It currently has 3.7K followers and 4.1K members in a private group.

May 18, 2020
WordPress Websites
I Built My First Bolg Website

When I digged more about digital marketing, I learned new termiology about SEO and PPC. Since learning without a website was difficult for me, I learnt how to create websites because I want to further my knowledge. I built a blog website,  it was built on the template of Astra theme. 

15 December, 2021
I like Exploration
WordPress in China's Operating System

WordPress is hardly ever utilised in China, because the website operating system differs greatly from that of other countries. By integrating Baota Panel and allocating a SQL database, I gradually worked out how to deploy WordPress in the Windows operating system.

April 2, 2022
Inhouse Comparative Knowledge
Digital Marketing Agency

I reallocated to the UK in April using a T1 startup visa. I never established a business in China, but I did work for the government for a year, a school for a year, and a Fortune 500 company for 12 years. I have never studied or worked in the UK before, so I genuinely hope to find a team in the business where I can advance my abilities among others that have a similar outlook.

Case Study of My Work

Logo design Adobe Premier

I created this logo for Leeds Home Furniture. The concept is to use the abbreviations of Leed Home Furniture while making the logo look like a bed, as the shop mainly sells beds, mattresses and bed sheets. 

Customized Website WordPress

I like to create customized website experiences for my customer. I created templates for all the eCommerce processes because the customer asked me to follow a premium Shopify shop which costs 299 per month, they need a customised layout, so I can’t use default woocommerce pages. I made all pages from account creation, account modification, checkout page, and thank you page; I made every page to ensure there was no break in the process. The theme is Ocean WP, and each page is also customised.

Multi Function Header

Popup Buyer's Guidance

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Customized Layout for Different Category

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Customized Layout for Different Category

My Other Work

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